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    104001 - Bingo

    Join us for a fun morning of bingo and lunch. We will start the morning off playing several rounds of bingo to win prizes and then we will enjoy a catered lunch.

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    Add to Cart104001-07July Bingo07/10/18 - 07/10/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-08August Bingo08/14/18 - 08/14/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-09September Bingo09/11/18 - 09/11/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-10October Bingo10/09/18 - 10/09/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-11November Bingo11/13/18 - 11/13/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-12December Bingo12/11/18 - 12/11/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details

    105006 - T-Ball (4-6)

    Registration: March 5 - April 6

    T-ball is the first step in the baseball/softball progression. Emphasis is placed on having fun and playing together as a team. Our goal is for the child to learn the correct skills for batting, throwing and catching, as well as developing an understanding of the basics of the game.

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    Read Notice105006-01T-Ball05/05/18 - 07/21/1812:00A - 12:00PM-SuMacken Park$70UnavailableItem Details

    105007 - Coach Pitch (7-9)

    Registration: March 5 - April 6

    Coach-pitch will take over where T-ball left off. The child will learn to hit a ball pitched to them by their coach. The child will further develop fielding skills and learn to play as a team.

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    Read Notice105007-01Coach Pitch05/05/18 - 07/21/1812:00A - 12:00AM-SuMacken Park$80UnavailableItem Details

    105008 - Kid Pitch (10-12)

    Registration: March 5 - April 6

    Kid pitch baseball is the next step in getting ready for playing competitive baseball. Players will learn the fundamentals of pitching and catching as well as further basic fundamental baseball skills. The rules and diamond are modified to fit age group. There is a strong emphasis on baseball instruction in a recreation team setting.

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    Read Notice105008-01Kid Pitch05/05/18 - 07/21/1812:00A - 12:00AM-SuMacken Park$95UnavailableItem Details

    105009 - Preschool Playtimes

    Get your preschoolers active mentally and physically with this 4-week program. We will play fun, new games and activities to get your preschooler moving and having fun! Each week we will have a different game to learn and play!

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    Read Notice105009-01Preschool Playtimes04/02/18 - 04/23/18 6:00P - 6:45PMParks & Rec Center$10UnavailableItem Details

    105010 - Bitty Basketball

    Bitty Basketball is a 4 week instructional program for ages 3-5. Participants will learn the basics of Basketball through fun games and drills! We will work on ball-handling, shooting, defense, and fundamentals in a fun, interactive environment. Please bring a water bottle.

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    Read Notice105010-01Bitty Basketball02/03/18 - 02/24/18 9:30A - 10:30ASaParks & Rec Center$35UnavailableItem Details

    201001 - Luau Fun

    We invite you to join us for fun themed planned preschool activities. Bring the kids and we will plan games, crafts, sing-a-longs, and a treat. All you need to do is preregister one week prior to the playtime. Adults are required to stay and participate with their children.
    Join us for some summer fun. We will make Leis and a Hawaiian skirt, play Luau bingo and more. Snack provided

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    Read Notice201001-01Luau Fun06/01/18 - 06/01/1810:30A - 12:00PFParks & Rec Center$8UnavailableItem Details

    201002 - Mommy And Me Time

    Ages 1 to 4 years Heather Collinsworth
    Come join us for some mommy and me time with story time and crafts. We will read stories, make a craft and do some sensory exploration.

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    Read Notice201002-02Mommy and Me Time05/21/18 - 05/21/18 9:00A - 10:00AMParks & Rec Center$5UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice201002-03Mommy and Me Time06/18/18 - 06/18/18 9:00A - 10:00AMParks & Rec Center$5UnavailableItem Details

    202005 - Tie Dye Socks

    AGES 4-12 Heather Collinsworth
    We love to do a tie dye project every year - this year it is socks!! Please let us know your sock size when registering! Each child will get to tie dye 2 pairs of socks! Parents are welcome to join in on the fun! **Class held at Macken Park Shelter 6

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    Read Notice202005-01Tie Dye Socks06/21/18 - 06/21/18 6:00P - 7:00PThMacken Park$10UnavailableItem Details

    202006 - Alcohol Ink Coasters and Art

    Ages 4-12 Heather Collinsworth
    We will learn how to work with the alcohol ink medium and make a set of four coasters and one small painting.

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    Add to Cart202006-01Alcohol Ink Coasters and Art07/05/18 - 07/05/18 6:00P - 7:00PThParks & Rec Center$10AvailableItem Details

    202009 - Teen Art Camp

    AGES 13-18 Heather Collinsworth
    This week long teen art camp is designed for ages 13 to 18, who are wanting to pursue additional art education. This art camp will help campers explore different avenues of art such as drawing, painting, multi media art and sculpture. With a focus on the art medium that the campers enjoy the most. Each student will complete two art projects during the week. One of those projects will be chosen to be on display at Paper Birch Landing Gallery for a month following the camp!

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    Add to Cart202009-01Teen Art Camp07/09/18 - 07/13/18 9:00A - 3:00PM-FParks & Rec Center$50AvailableItem Details

    202010 - Summer Imagination Art Camp

    AGES 6-12 Heather Collinsworth
    Join us for our Summer Imagination 5 day Art Camp. This multi media art camp, invites campers to explore, imagine and discover art in unique new ways! When campers are invited to experiment with a variety of art materials and styles, it encourages creative thinking and problem solving. Projects include painting, drawing, sewing, dying, printmaking and performance art! One project from each student will be selected at the end of the camp, to hang for a month at the Paper Birch Landing Gallery in North Kansas City.

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    Add to Cart202010-01Summer Imagination Art Camp07/16/18 - 07/20/18 9:00A - 3:00PM-FParks & Rec Center$50AvailableItem Details

    202011 - Clover Kids Camp- Mission 4H

    AGES 5-7
    Clay County 4-H is partnering with North Kansas City Parks and Recreation in hosting a week long day camp for youth ages 5-7 years old to experience a wide variety of activities similar to those they would see at 4-H camp when they’re 8-14 years old. Campers will have mini missions each day led by Clay County Extension Staff, 4-H youth leaders and 4-H adult volunteers around topics such as health/nutrition, art, nature, robotics and so much more. Campers will arrive at Macken Park Festival Shelter in North Kansas City each morning at 8:00 am and should be picked up at 3:00 pm. Please have campers bring their own lunch each day. Snacks will be provided. While the camp is sponsored by 4-H it is open to all youth regardless of their enrollment in 4H.

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    Add to Cart202011-01Clover Kids Camp Mission07/23/18 - 07/27/18 8:00A - 3:00PM-FMacken Park$30AvailableItem Details

    202012 - From Real Life To Canvas

    AGES-8-16 GK Callahan MU Extension
    During this week-long art class, kids will work towards one final project. We will begin by using photography, photographing the “real world” around us. We will then learn how to take the photos and transfer them onto a canvas like the old masters would. Each day we will spend time drawing in a sketchbook, introducing some art history, looking at a different artist or style of art, while working on the completion of our final project: a painting. We will spend a majority of the time together, learning techniques around drawing and painting. During the day, we will also get a visit by a nutrition specialist from the University of Missouri who will teach us about healthy eating and provide an afternoon snack. Please bring a sack lunch, and be ready to get creative!

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    Add to Cart202012-01From Real Life to Canvas07/30/18 - 08/03/18 9:00A - 3:00PM-FParks & Rec Center$90AvailableItem Details

    202013 - Robotics Camp

    AGES- 8-12 MU Extension
    In this beginners Robotics SPIN Club, participants will spend the week exploring EV3 Lego robots through hands-on building and programming. Come experience what 4-H has to offer and be a part of a robotics team!

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    Add to Cart202013-01Roboics Camp08/06/18 - 08/10/18 8:00A - 12:00PM-FParks & Rec Center$50AvailableItem Details

    203005 - Photo Collage Letter

    Ages 16+ Heather Collinsworth
    Come and bring your favorite photos in color or black and white and we will collage a letter of your choice. When registering let staff know the letter you want to do.

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    Read Notice203005-01Photo Collage Letter05/22/18 - 05/22/18 6:00P - 8:00PTuParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details

    203006 - Succulent Planter

    AGES 16+ Heather Colllinsworth
    We will be making these adorable succulent planters! Each one will come with all supplies and a real succulent plant.

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    Read Notice203006-01Succulent Planter05/29/18 - 05/29/18 6:00P - 8:00PTuParks & Rec Center$25UnavailableItem Details

    203009 - Rainbow Light Abstract Class

    AGES 16+ Heather Collinsworth
    Come and paint this abstract rainbow light. Abstract painting is some much fun and allows a lot of room for creativity.

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    Read Notice203009-01Rainbow Light Abstract06/14/18 - 06/14/18 6:00P - 8:00PThParks & Rec Center$35UnavailableItem Details

    203010 - Gluten-Free Italian Cooking

    Heather Collinsworth Ages 16+
    Come and learn to prepare a classic Italian meal, that you would never guess is Gluten Free. We will be preparing a roasted tomato zucchini pappardelle, stuffed eggplant boats and a chickpea flour pasta.

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    Read Notice203010-01Gluten-Free Italian Cooking04/18/18 - 04/18/18 6:00P - 8:00PWParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details

    203012 - Gluten-Free Baking

    Heather Colllinsworth Ages 16+
    Come and learn how to make a wonderful muffin batter that can incorporate many flavors! We will also learn how to make a great cookie batter!

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    Read Notice203012-01Gluten-Free Baking05/16/18 - 05/16/18 6:00P - 8:00PWPARKS & RECREATION$20UnavailableItem Details

    203013 - Gluten-Free Date Night Dinner

    Heather Collinsworth Ages 16+
    Do you want to cook your special person a special dinner but they are on a gluten free diet well, I am here to teach you how to make a memorial meal that is yummy and gluten free. Pork Medallions with mushroom sauce, gluten free Parmesan biscuits, and spaghetti squash with ricotta sage.

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    Read Notice203013-01Gluten-Free Date Night Dinner05/23/18 - 05/23/18 6:00P - 8:00PWParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details

    203014 - Gluten-Free Bread

    Heather Collinsworth 16+
    Come learn how to make two various kinds of gluten free loaves of bread.
    *Premade loaves will be available to taste!

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    Read Notice203014-01Gluten-Free Bread05/24/18 - 05/24/18 6:00P - 8:00PThParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details

    203016 - Homemade Natural Cleaning Products

    Heather Collinsworth Ages 16+
    Are you ready to go all natural with your cleaning products? Come and learn how to not only save money but you will be able to get rid of all those harmful chemicals by learning some tried and true recipes for home cleaning products. You will learn how to make - all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, tile cleaner, oven cleaner, dust polish, air freshener and laundry detergent. Each student takes home small amounts of each item we make.

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    Read Notice203016-01Homemade Natural Cleaning Products06/12/18 - 06/12/18 6:00P - 8:00PTuParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details

    203017 - Vegan Cooking

    Heather Collinsworth Ages 16+
    Learn aspects of vegan cooking that you can bring into your everyday life! We will make an appetizer, main dish and dessert.

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    Read Notice203017-01Vegan Cooking06/27/18 - 06/27/18 6:00P - 8:00PWParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details

    203018 - Gluten-Free Snacks

    Heather Collinsworth Ages 16+
    Are you looking for some fabulous gluten free snack ideas. In this class we will learn to make chewy fudge granola bars, flourless peanut butter oatmeal cookies, herb roasted chickpeas and paleo tortilla chips. These are great items to make and have around the house for snacks and on the go!

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    Add to Cart203018-01Gluten-Free Snacks07/11/18 - 07/11/18 6:00P - 8:00PWParks & Rec Center$20AvailableItem Details

    204010 - Drop in Art Class

    We will paint 4 wine or water glasses. Each glass will be hand-painted with flowers. They are beautiful and great to show off at your dinner parties.

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    Read Notice204010-03Drop in Art Class06/04/18 - 06/25/1810:00A - 11:00AMParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart204010-04Drop in Art Class07/09/18 - 07/30/1810:00A - 11:00AMParks & Rec Center$20AvailableItem Details

    204011 - Ceramics Class

    From dishes to vases, you can create and decorative items or food safe earthenware from clay. Once the pieces are finished, they will be taken to be glazed and kiln fired offsite. Open to all skill levels! All supplies and firing included.

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    Read Notice204011-03Ceramics Class06/04/18 - 06/25/1811:00A - 12:00PMParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart204011-04Ceramics Class07/09/18 - 07/30/1811:00A - 12:00PMParks & Rec Center$20AvailableItem Details

    204012 - Guided Meditation

    Our Guided Group Meditation offers a relaxing experience that will help to ease your body and mind. The more sessions that you attend, the deeper the meditation state you will be able to achieve. Many people find that while they are not able to affectively meditate at home, they are able to in the group guided meditation. Over time you will notice less mental chatter and overall inner stillness - along with many health and wellness benefits. Come and experience a peaceful hour of guided meditation and let us help you improve your mental and physical health.
    *Chairs will be set up for participants but they are also welcome to bring a yoga mat or pillow if they prefer to be on the floor.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimeDaysLocationFees      Status      Single Icon      Share
    Read Notice204012-03Guided Meditation06/07/18 - 06/28/18 9:00A - 11:00PThParks & Rec Center$10UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart204012-04Guided Meditation07/05/18 - 07/26/18 9:00A - 11:00PThParks & Rec Center$10AvailableItem Details

    204014 - Summer Dance Party

    We will have a rip roaring good time as we say goodbye to the summer. Come in your beach hats, and summer attire. We will have a best hat and summer attire contest with prizes a live band as well as dancing. Please bring a finger food snack to share.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimeDaysLocationFees      Status      Single Icon      Share
    Add to Cart204014-01Summer Dance Party08/28/18 - 08/28/18 2:00P - 4:00PTuParks & Rec Center$5AvailableItem Details

    204018 - NDT Mamma Mia

    “Mama Mia” On the eve of her wedding, a daughter’s quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother’s past to the door of the church. Featuring the #1 hits of legendary group ABBA, DANCING QUEEN, KNOWING ME-KNOWING YOU, TAKE A CHANCE ON ME, and many more

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimeDaysLocationFees      Status      Single Icon      Share
    Read Notice204018-01NDT Mamma Mia07/18/18 - 07/18/1811:00A - 4:00PWYMCA SOUTH PARKING L$43FullItem Details

    205001 - Fall Soccer Division A

    North Kansas City Parks & Recreation youth sports programs are non-competitive leagues. The programs emphasize skill development, learning the rules of the game, teamwork, sportsmanship, and most importantly FUN! Practice will be once during the week and games on the weekend. All practices and games are held at Macken Park.

    Child must be entering Kindergarten or 1st grade.
    Fall Registration: June 4th - July 6th

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimeDaysLocationFees      Status      Single Icon      Share
    Add to Cart205001-01Division A08/04/18 - 10/13/18 8:00A - 8:00PM-SuMacken Park$60AvailableItem Details

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