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    104001 - Bingo

    Join us for a fun morning of bingo and lunch. We will start the morning off playing several rounds of bingo to win prizes and then we will enjoy a catered lunch.

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    Read Notice104001-09September Bingo09/14/21 - 09/14/2110:00A - 12:00PTuParks & Rec Center$6UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart104001-10October Bingo10/12/21 - 10/12/2110:00A - 12:00PTuParks & Rec Center$6AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart104001-11November Bingo11/09/21 - 11/09/2110:00A - 12:00PTuParks & Rec Center$6AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart104001-12December Bingo12/14/21 - 12/14/2110:00A - 12:00PTuParks & Rec Center$6AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details

    202030 - Homeschool Enrichment

    A 14 week program geared towards offering homeschool students enrichment courses including cooking, physical education, art, and team building. Every Wednesday, students will join us for their courses from 10am to 2:30pm. The program will be held September 8 through December 15. There are 12 spots offered for each age group, 6-9 year-olds and 10-13 year-olds. Enroll now!
    NKC Parks and Recreation will follow the CDC guidelines. If your child is fully vaccinated, masks are not required. If your child has not been vaccinated, a mask should be worn.

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    Read Notice202030-01Homeschool Enrichment Ages 6-909/08/21 - 12/15/2110:00A - 2:30PWParks & Rec Center$200FullItem DetailsLocation Details
    Read Notice202030-02Homeschool Enrichment Ages 10-1309/08/21 - 12/15/2110:00A - 2:30PWParks & Rec Center$200FullItem DetailsLocation Details

    203008 - Passport to Greece

    203008 - Passport to Greece

    AGES 16+ Heather Collinsworth
    From gyros and stuffed grape leaves to baklava this class covers all the fun Greek favorites!

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    Read Notice203008-01Passport to Greece09/15/21 - 09/15/21 6:00P - 8:00PWParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details

    203009 - Holiday Stamp A Stack Cards

    Ages 16+ Judy Meier
    Create and take home 14 cards using precut cardstock, printed paper, embellishments, and stamps. Choose a color coordinating kit of either Christmas, Holiday, or Fall cards. Card kits include envelopes. No Experience necessary. Bring your favorite scissors and adhesives (glue, glue dots, and foam dots).

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    Read Notice203009-01Holiday Stamp A Stack Cards09/14/21 - 09/14/21 6:00P - 8:30PTuParks & Rec Center$25UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Read Notice203009-02Holiday Stamp A Stack Cards09/16/21 - 09/16/2110:00A - 12:30PThParks & Rec Center$25UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart203009-03Holiday Stamp A Stack Cards10/19/21 - 10/19/21 6:00P - 8:30PTuParks & Rec Center$25AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart203009-04Holiday Stamp A Stack Cards10/21/21 - 10/21/2110:00A - 12:30PThParks & Rec Center$25AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details

    203014 - Historical European Martial Arts

    Ages 16+ | Heartland HEMA Club | Ryan Hall
    Have you ever wanted to learn about the art of European martial arts? The Heartland HEMA Club meets weekly to learn about the weapons used, techniques and footwork. Each week you will practice the techniques and critical thinking skills needed to fence effectively. No class on November 25 or the second Thursday of every month.

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    Read Notice203014-06HEMA09/01/21 - 09/30/21 6:00P - 8:00PW, ThParks & Rec Center$50UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart203014-07HEMA10/06/21 - 10/28/21 6:00P - 8:00PW, ThParks & Rec Center$50AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart203014-08HEMA11/03/21 - 11/24/21 6:00P - 8:00PW, ThParks & Rec Center$50AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart203014-09HEMA12/01/21 - 12/30/21 6:00P - 8:00PW, ThParks & Rec Center$50AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details

    205005 - Fall Bitty Soccer

    Ages 4-6 (Must be 4 by Aug. 1, 2021)
    This program is a five-week introductory session to the sport of soccer. Participants will begin to understand the fundamental motor skills of soccer through drills, games and activities. The last week of the program will be designated as a scrimmage. Fee includes T-shirt and medal.

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    Read Notice205005-01Bitty Soccer 9AM08/28/21 - 10/02/21 9:00A - 10:00ASaMacken Park$50UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Read Notice205005-02Bitty Soccer 10AM08/28/21 - 10/02/2110:00A - 11:00ASaMacken Park$50FullItem DetailsLocation Details
    Read Notice205005-03Bitty Soccer 11AM08/28/21 - 10/02/2111:00A - 12:00PSaMacken Park$50UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details

    205008 - Bitty Athletes

    Ages 4-6
    Bitty Athletes is a four-week intro to basic fundamentals of sports. We will work on overall hand-eye coordination, balance, athleticism and having fun!

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    Read Notice205008-01Bitty Athletes05/06/21 - 05/27/21 6:00P - 7:00PThParks & Rec Center$40UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Read Notice205008-02Bitty Athletes06/03/21 - 06/24/21 6:00P - 7:00PThParks & Rec Center$40UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details
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