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    104001 - Bingo

    Join us for a fun morning of bingo and lunch. We will start the morning off playing several rounds of bingo to win prizes and then we will enjoy a catered lunch.

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    Read Notice104001-06June Bingo06/11/19 - 06/11/1910:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6FullItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart104001-07July Bingo07/09/19 - 07/09/1910:00A - 12:00PTuParks & Rec Center$6AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart104001-08August Bingo08/13/19 - 08/13/1910:00A - 12:00PTuParks & Rec Center$6AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart104001-09September Bingo09/10/19 - 09/10/1910:00A - 12:00PTuParks & Rec Center$6AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart104001-10October Bingo10/08/19 - 10/08/1910:00A - 12:00PTu, SuParks & Rec Center$6AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Add to Cart104001-11November Bingo11/12/19 - 11/12/1910:00A - 12:00PTuParks & Rec Center$6AvailableItem DetailsLocation Details

    202006 - Chemistry of Cooking

    Ages 8-15 Sarah Morefield
    Brush off your science skills and discover how we use chemistry to make ice cream! Students will explore how their own energy and just a few ingredients can change something from a liquid to a solid state while also challenging their creative minds to find just the perfect flavor combinations to enjoy.

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    Read Notice202006-01Chemistry of Cooking06/12/19 - 06/12/19 6:00P - 7:00PWParks & Rec Center$10UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details

    202007 - Balloon Splatter Painting

    AGES 4-12
    For this messy class we will use balloons to splatter paint. Come dressed ready to get messy. Class will be at Shelter #6 in Macken Park.

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    Read Notice202007-01Balloon Splatter Painting06/20/19 - 06/20/19 6:00P - 7:00PThMacken Park$10UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details

    202008 - Mine, Craft, Build-Lego

    AGES- 6-13 Playwell Teknologies
    Bring Minecraft to life using LEGO bricks! Resourcefulness, creativity, and cooperation come together in this unique building adventure game; roll the dice to mine for resources, and use these resources to build special items to help in our adventrues! Build a Zoo, create a Medieval experience with Minecraft or the LEGO building system.

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    Read Notice202008-01Mine, Craft, Build-Lego (6-8)06/24/19 - 06/28/19 9:00A - 12:00PM-FParks & Rec Center$125UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details
    Read Notice202008-02Mine, Craft, Build-Lego (9-13)06/24/19 - 06/28/19 1:00P - 4:00PM-FParks & Rec Center$125UnavailableItem DetailsLocation Details
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