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    104001 - Bingo

    Join us for a fun morning of bingo and lunch. We will start the morning off playing several rounds of bingo to win prizes and then we will enjoy a catered lunch.

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    Read Notice104001-05May Bingo05/08/18 - 05/08/1810:00A - 1:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-06June Bingo06/12/18 - 06/12/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-07July Bingo07/10/18 - 07/10/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-08August Bingo08/14/18 - 08/14/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-09September Bingo09/11/18 - 09/11/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-10October Bingo10/09/18 - 10/09/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-11November Bingo11/13/18 - 11/13/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-12December Bingo12/11/18 - 12/11/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details

    104007 - NDT-Sister Act

    When disco diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder she is put into protective custody in the one place cops are sure she will not be found, a convent. Disguised as a nun she finds herself at odds with the rigid life style and the uptight Mother Superior. Using her unique singing talent to inspire the choir, Deloris breathes new life into the church and the community but blows her cover in the process. Filled with gospel music and outrageous comedy, Sister Act is the perfect show for everyone! Includes show, lunch and transportation

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    Read Notice104007-01NDT-Sister Act05/16/18 - 05/16/1811:00A - 4:00PWMacken Park$43FullItem Details

    204009 - Line and Latin Ballroom Dance

    Get your feet and body moving while learning the styles of salsa, bachata, merengue and latin line dance.

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    Read Notice204009-01Line and Latin Ballroom Dance04/03/18 - 04/24/18 8:30A - 6:00PTuParks & Rec Center$40UnavailableItem Details

    204010 - Drop in Art Class

    We will paint 4 wine or water glasses. Each glass will be hand-painted with flowers. They are beautiful and great to show off at your dinner parties.

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    Read Notice204010-01Drop in Art Class04/02/18 - 04/23/1810:00A - 11:00AMParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice204010-02Drop in Art Class04/30/18 - 05/21/1810:00A - 11:00AMParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart204010-03Drop in Art Class06/04/18 - 06/25/1810:00A - 11:00AMParks & Rec Center$20AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart204010-04Drop in Art Class07/09/18 - 07/30/1810:00A - 11:00AMParks & Rec Center$20AvailableItem Details

    204011 - Ceramics Class

    From dishes to vases, you can create and decorative items or food safe earthenware from clay. Once the pieces are finished, they will be taken to be glazed and kiln fired offsite. Open to all skill levels! All supplies and firing included.

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    Read Notice204011-01Ceramics Class04/02/18 - 04/23/1811:00A - 12:00PMParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice204011-02Ceramics Class04/30/18 - 05/21/1811:00A - 12:00PMParks & Rec Center$20UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart204011-03Ceramics Class06/04/18 - 06/25/1811:00A - 12:00PMParks & Rec Center$20AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart204011-04Ceramics Class07/09/18 - 07/30/1811:00A - 12:00PMParks & Rec Center$20AvailableItem Details

    204012 - Guided Meditation

    Our Guided Group Meditation offers a relaxing experience that will help to ease your body and mind. The more sessions that you attend, the deeper the meditation state you will be able to achieve. Many people find that while they are not able to affectively meditate at home, they are able to in the group guided meditation. Over time you will notice less mental chatter and overall inner stillness - along with many health and wellness benefits. Come and experience a peaceful hour of guided meditation and let us help you improve your mental and physical health.
    *Chairs will be set up for participants but they are also welcome to bring a yoga mat or pillow if they prefer to be on the floor.

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    Read Notice204012-01Guided Meditation04/05/18 - 04/26/18 9:00A - 11:00PThParks & Rec Center$10UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice204012-02Guided Meditation05/03/18 - 05/24/18 9:00A - 11:00PThParks & Rec Center$10UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart204012-03Guided Meditation06/07/18 - 06/28/18 9:00A - 11:00PThParks & Rec Center$10AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart204012-04Guided Meditation07/05/18 - 07/26/18 9:00A - 11:00PThParks & Rec Center$10AvailableItem Details

    204013 - Seniors Yoga

    Monday's are led by Annie Walsh, Wednesday's are led by Henna Fuller. This yoga class is gentler, slower and therapuetic. Once in awhile, we will use chairs for supported postures with focus on breath work. Students will stretch and strengthen the entire body as a way to support strong and healthy system inside and out. Mondays and Wednesdays

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    Read Notice204013-01Seniors Yoga04/30/18 - 05/23/18 9:30A - 10:30AM, WParks & Rec Center$40UnavailableItem Details

    204014 - Meal Planning and Preparation

    Learn how to meal plan using planning work sheets and recipes to eat healthy fun meals for one.

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    Read Notice204014-01Meal Planning and Preparation for One05/03/18 - 05/03/18 8:00A - 4:00PThParks & Rec Center$15UnavailableItem Details

    204015 - Take Me Out to The Ball Game

    Let’s head to Kaufmann Stadium to see our favorite baseball team the Kansas City Royals take on the Oakland A’s. The bus will take us to the gate, seats are handicap accessible, easy to get to and under the overhang so you won’t be in direct sunlight the whole game. Don’t wait to sign up limited number of tickets available. GO ROYALS!

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    Read Notice204015-01Take Me Out To The Ball Game06/02/18 - 06/02/1811:30A - 5:30PSaYMCA SOUTH PARKING L$70UnavailableItem Details

    204016 - Mary Poppins At Lyceum

    For this trip we will head to historic Arrowrock for a step back in time as we explore this little town. We will shop on the boardwalk and have a wonderful lunch of either Fried Chicken or Brisket at J. Huston Tavern before going to the theatre. We will see everyone’s favorite practically perfect nanny take the stage in this Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious musical adventure. This practically perfect musical will delight you and send you away singing.

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    Read Notice204016-01Mary Poppins and Arrow Rock Lyceum06/13/18 - 06/13/18 8:00A - 5:00PWYMCA SOUTH PARKING L$95UnavailableItem Details

    204018 - NDT Mamma Mia

    “Mama Mia” On the eve of her wedding, a daughter’s quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother’s past to the door of the church. Featuring the #1 hits of legendary group ABBA, DANCING QUEEN, KNOWING ME-KNOWING YOU, TAKE A CHANCE ON ME, and many more

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    Add to Cart204018-01NDT Mamma Mia07/18/18 - 07/18/1811:00A - 4:00PWYMCA SOUTH PARKING L$43AvailableItem Details
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