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    104001 - Bingo

    Join us for a fun morning of bingo and lunch. We will start the morning off playing several rounds of bingo to win prizes and then we will enjoy a catered lunch.

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    Read Notice104001-03March03/13/18 - 03/13/1810:00A - 12:00PTuParks & Rec Center$6UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-05May Bingo05/08/18 - 05/08/1810:00A - 1:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-06June Bingo06/12/18 - 06/12/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Read Notice104001-07July Bingo07/10/18 - 07/10/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-08August Bingo08/14/18 - 08/14/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-09September Bingo09/11/18 - 09/11/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-10October Bingo10/09/18 - 10/09/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-11November Bingo11/13/18 - 11/13/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104001-12December Bingo12/11/18 - 12/11/1810:00A - 12:00PTuPARKS & RECREATION$6AvailableItem Details

    104002 - Matter Of Balance

    Many older adults experience concerns about falling and restrict their activities. A MATTER OF BALANCE is an award-winning program designed to manage falls and increase activity levels. This program emphasizes practical strategies to manage falls.

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    Add to Cart104002-01Matter Of Balance03/26/18 - 05/14/1810:00A - 12:00PMParks & Rec Center$0AvailableItem Details

    104005 - NDT-Barefoot In The Park

    The story is about newlyweds Paul and Corie Bratter who move into their new apartment. Corie wants everything to be perfect for her new husband, but the apartment has its problems. Just when things couldn't get any worse, Corie's mom and potential boyfriend make an entrance. Includes show, lunch and transportation.

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    Read Notice104005-01NDT-Barefoot In The Park03/14/18 - 03/14/1811:00A - 4:00PWMacken Park$43FullItem Details

    104006 - Hot Springs, Arkansas

    Hot Springs is known for is relaxing and tranquil spas and the springs healing properties. This was not always what Hot Springs was known for. For this four day trip you will dine in style on a dinner cruise and a high class hotel that once housed guests such as Al Capone and learn about what he did during his stays in Hot Springs. Learn about the bathhouses and how famous baseball players would enjoy the springs and other recreational activities. We will tour a beautiful 210 acre botanical garden located on the shores of Lake Hamilton and many more surprises to come. You do not want to miss this trip! Fee includes: entertainment, tours, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts, lodging and transportation

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    Read Notice104006-01Hot Springs, Arkansas03/19/18 - 03/22/18 7:30A - 4:00PM-ThMacken Park$0UnavailableItem Details

    104007 - NDT-Sister Act

    When disco diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder she is put into protective custody in the one place cops are sure she will not be found, a convent. Disguised as a nun she finds herself at odds with the rigid life style and the uptight Mother Superior. Using her unique singing talent to inspire the choir, Deloris breathes new life into the church and the community but blows her cover in the process. Filled with gospel music and outrageous comedy, Sister Act is the perfect show for everyone! Includes show, lunch and transportation

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    Add to Cart104007-01NDT-Sister Act05/16/18 - 05/16/1811:00A - 4:00PWMacken Park$43AvailableItem Details

    104008 - Spring Fling Dance

    Grab a partner and your dancing shoes and join us for an afternoon of dancing. The Earl Baker Band will play favorite tunes from Big Band to Country and even some lines dances for you to get your groove on. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

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    Add to Cart104008-01Spring Fling Dance03/30/18 - 03/30/18 1:00P - 3:00PFParks & Rec Center$8AvailableItem Details

    104009 - Ballroom Dance Classes

    Are you ready to Move & Groove with some Latin dances. You will get your feet and body moving while learning styles of salsa, Merengue, Bachata as well as a Latin line dance. You will add your own personality to your line dance steps. Dancing is great exercise and a fun social activity.

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    Read Notice104009-02Ballroom Dance Class03/01/18 - 03/22/18 6:00P - 7:00PThParks & Rec Center$0UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104009-03Ballroom Dance Class04/05/18 - 04/26/18 6:00P - 7:00PThParks & Rec Center$40AvailableItem Details

    104010 - Drop In Art Class

    If you like to draw or paint, your are invited to join the Monday Art Group at North Kansas City Parks and Recreation. No matter what your medium or skill level, you will enjoy the creative and pressure free environment of a colorful group of novice and experienced artists. The class is lead by Heather, who is there to instruct and help when needed. You can work from your own photos, pictures or illustrations or bring your own still life. Art supplies including basic oils, watercolors, acrylics, pencils and brushes - but it is recommended that you bring your own for your project. Fee is $5.00 per a day or $20 for the month.

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    Read Notice104010-01Drop In Art Class02/05/18 - 03/05/1810:00A - 11:00AMParks & Rec Center$0UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart104010-02Drop In Art Class03/05/18 - 04/02/1810:00A - 11:00AMParks & Rec Center$0AvailableItem Details

    104011 - Drop in Ceramics Class

    Monday Ceramics If you love to create with clay, this is the group for you! This group is all hand building with ceramics. You can create decorative items or earthen wear that is food safe. From dishes to vases, this group is fun and informative. Heather will be there to help instruct or give pointers. All pieces will be kiln fired off site. All supplies and firing included. Once pieces are finished, they will be taken to be glazed and fired. Open to all skill levels! Come create with us!

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    Read Notice104011-01Drop in Ceramics Cla02/05/18 - 03/05/1811:00A - 12:00PMParks & Rec Center$0UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice104011-02Drop in Ceramics Cla03/12/18 - 04/02/1811:00A - 12:00PMParks & Rec Center$0UnavailableItem Details

    104012 - Guided Meditation for Seniors

    Our Guided Group Meditation offers a relaxing experience that will help to ease your body and mind. The more sessions that you attend, the deeper the meditation state you will be able to achieve. Many people find that while they are not able to affectively meditate at home, they are able to in the group guided meditation. Over time you will notice less mental chatter and overall inner stillness - along with many health and wellness benefits. Come and experience a peaceful hour of guided meditation and let us help you improve your mental and physical health.

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    Read Notice104012-01Guided Meditation for Seniors02/01/18 - 02/22/18 9:00A - 10:00AThParks & Rec Center$10UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice104012-02Guided Meditation for Seniors03/01/18 - 03/22/18 9:00A - 10:00AThParks & Rec Center$10UnavailableItem Details

    303010 - Senior Holiday Party

    Join us for a holiday celebration with holiday treats and festive entertainment. Wear your ugly Christmas sweater for prizes. There will be prizes for ugliest and most festive sweater. Be Creative!

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    Read Notice303010-01Senior Holiday Party12/14/17 - 12/14/17 1:00P - 3:00PThPARKS & RECREATION$0UnavailableItem Details

    303011 - NDT- "Funny Money"

    Join us for a Play and a wonderful buffet lunch at New Theare Restaurant as we see "Funny Money" Its the story of Henry who picks up the wrong briefcase. The briefcase that he thought was his containes 1.5 million dollers. He belives the money is gang money. Where is his briefcase? What will he do with the money? Find out what he does by joining us for this wildly funny play.

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    Read Notice303011-01New Dinner Theater- "Funny Money"12/13/17 - 12/13/1711:00A - 4:00PWYMCA SOUTH PARKING L$43FullItem Details

    303012 - Holiday Lights Tour

    Join us for our annual Holiday Lights tour. This year we will start our adventure with a catered sit down meal at the libuary before heading out on our journey. We will head to "Christmas in the Park". We will drive through the beautiful lights and listen to the choregraphed music put together to make the experience magical. We will then go to see the very popular "Miracle Tree". On our way back we will travel up Ward Parkway stopping to look at popular spots along the way including the Plaza. There will be goodie bags and prizes so make sure you know your holiday trivia.

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    Read Notice303012-01Holiday Lights Tour12/19/17 - 12/19/17 4:30P - 9:00PTuYMCA SOUTH PARKING L$60FullItem Details
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